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pec.edu.pk Punjab Examination Commission is the official website of Punjab Education Commission, where students can check 5th and 8th class results.

Punjab Examination Commission


When PEC was not founded at that time DPI which is known as Director Public Instructions were responsible for conducting, organizing and managing examination responsibilities as well as provided guidelines and instruction for Grade V and Grade VIII. Under the guidelines and instructions given by the directorate, the executive districts officer’s education over the territory was responsible to develop paper pattern according to their level and conduct both examinations. Directorate of Public Instruction (EE), Punjab provided uniform schedule along the activity plan. Many things noticed from the analysis of conduction of examinations in the regions depicted like overall performance, quality of papers varied considerably, some areas needed more attentions, Question papers didn’t correspond to the curriculum.

In view of the fact that each district was responsible to create its own paper, their examination consequences couldn’t be compared among districts. Comparisons of results become possible only between the district and school if all students were responding to indistinguishable examination papers. However that was not an easy task to manage all above. There was a need to establishment of self governing body was felt in December 2005 for the judgment of students’ learning accomplishment in the province.  After the approval of the governor “PUNJAB EXAMINATION COMMISION “was founded on 16th January, 2006. It is an autonomous body.


PEC stands for Punjab examination commission some people also pronounce it as Punjab Education Commission and it's official website is pec.edu.pk. It established with the challenging task to instigate new setup for Grade V examination 2006. Basically PEC is an organization which is responsible for the conduction of examination of Grade V and Grade VII. This is a newly form organization organizes training about paper setting techniques and also provide training to the paper setters in making scheme. With the help of Dr.Ken Vine and Dr.Ted Redden, International Consultants and with the collaboration of UNICEF it organizes all this. For further training providing a team of expert Trainers was developed. It took its first examination .of such immense population in 2006. Under Punjab Examination Commission Act XI of 2010, PEC is a legislative body functioning for making better examination system elementary education.


PEC established with a strong mission endorses standard quality of education by providing fair, unbiased, equitable and valid educational environment. It also have a mission to provide  services to improve student learning level as well as improve students’ knowledge, abilities, talent, skills and learning. It also facilitates by supporting education and provides an opportunity for professional development.


It forms with an objectives to uplift the literacy rate and contributes its path in the progress of the country.It will be predictable as a leader in providing valid information about performance of students and issues related to them. It objectives to analysis and works for the improvement . it concern with the following matters like:
Students make flourishing educational recital.
Parents paid attention more in understanding their children level and help them.
Teachers sincerely working to improve their student’s performance.
Educational Administrators works efficiently and took effective decisions regarding admissions, awards, placements, facilities and services.


Hierarchy is basically the structure of organization that show different responsibilities and positions of peoples. Peoples are the most valued resources of any organization.  Although PEC composed of various people, it valued all the employees for their contributions. But the basic most important duties  performed by 18 members out of which includes three members from MPAs, Two from the reductionists  side and two persons from private schools are designated by the Government.

They all have specific duties under the supervision . All of them performing their responsibilities very well with honestly and sincerely.


PEC works though out the year. It is busy in several kinds of activities. It works in an efficient and effective manner, it as strong networks and with the help of effective data base systems it integrates all the information’s regarded to the performance of students. This is working to provide useful information results of students and assessment of intellectual framework. PEC organizes training courses on the tactic of the new system of examinations. They also arrange workshops and seminars for subject specialists, teachers, paper developers, examiners and paper markers. It also works to train teachers in order to make master trainers. Then assign a task for those master trainers to train the head teachers of all the districts. After that the head share the training with their fellow teachers. Actually it is chain process. Teachers are biggest source to enhance the performance of students that why PEC emphasis more attention towards the training of teachers.


This organization also provides the contact information if you have any kind of issue or difficulties in the work of PEC you can easily contact with them.
Telephone Numbers:
+ 92 42 99260150
+ 92 42 99260152
Operation Manager:
+ 92 42 99260156
+ 92 42 99260151
+ 92 42 99260154
+ 92 42 99260153
Postal Address
Punjab Examination Commission
Link Wahdat Road (near Pilot School)
Lahore, Pakistan


Overall performance of PEC is highly appreciated. It achieved its purpose of establishment to some extent. No doubt this organization is working excellence. It is continuously struggling to achieve its mission and work hard for the improvement. In future it will expect that performance of students will be satisfied.


Punjab Examination Commission has mentioned the last date for the Registrations of Annual Examination 2014 for Grade V & Grade VIII is 10th October, 2013.  All the students are advice to register their self as soon as possible.

If you need more information’s and details regarded to PEC, stay tune and keep visiting our website.

Pec is the abbreviation of Punjab Examination commission, which is a self dependent body created by the Government of Punjab to check the learnig achievement of students at grade 8 and 5 level. In this system the reports and facts from all the 36 districts of Punjab Province give feedback to the management to make the policy decisions.

The official website of the board is pec.edu.pk, which is a good resource of information, and news updates. Every year thousands of students appear in the 5th and 8th class examination conducted by Punjab Education Commission in the month of February. The official workings of the pec.edu.pk started in 2005, since then examinations pertaining to elementary level are conducted under the aegis of Pec.

Pec 5th and 8th class date sheet 2014 was issued by officials in the first week of January, usually it is announced one month before the exam commencement date. Roll Number Slips of Grade 5 8 Punjab Examination Commission was dispatched by authorities in the start of January.

This year the Punjab Examination Commission 5th 8th class result 2014 will be declared in the end of March, Students can check complete marks information from official website of Board, which is pec.edu.pk. Once the pec 5th 8th class result 2014 is announced by board you will be able to check your results here districtwise. We wish best of luck to all the students. Hope you pass with good marks and high grades.



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